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Sensitech がエンドツーエンドの可視性とリアルタイム監視により、顧客のサプライ チェーンの効率と品質の向上をどのように支援したかの例をお読みください。

Case Study: Real-Time Visibility for Humanitarian Supply Chain Management
Read how Sensitech TempTale® GEO Ultra monitors and SensiWatch® Platform provide global, actionable cold chain visibility to support Direct Relief, a global humanitarian aid organization whose mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by pverty or emergencies.
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3PL Case Study: Providing Delivery Visibility—and Peace of Mind—with Real-Time Cargo Monitoring
For Canadian-based Cornerstone Logistics, time is always of the essence for the manufacturing companies that use its premier port-to-door expediting services. These customers have an urgent need for their cargo, which has previously encountered untimely delays due to circumstances beyond their control. This case study describes how the addition of location and light-sensitivity cargo monitoring from Sensitech allows Cornerstone to step in, delivering this urgent cargo faster than other available options, providing full visibility while the cargo is in transit.
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