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TempTale® GEO X


Protect life sciences shipments in real time

Address the intricate demands of life sciences logistics with real-time IoT temperature and location monitoring with end-to-end actionable insights.

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Designed for partnerships

From pharmaceuticals to vaccines, biologics and lab samples, an effective, safe cold chain enables life sciences organizations to support patients and communities all around the world. Real-time data enables pharma, logistics and partners to protect products together.


Life Sciences

  • Comprehensive global supply chain view plus insights
  • Temperature range (-95°C to +55°C) supports most use cases
  • Designed to meet Life Sciences FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EC Annex 11 regulatory requirements
  • Bulk renewal program help reduce Scope 3 emissions


  • Automatically provide relevant, timely information to stakeholders
  • Ready-to-use devices — no charging or calibration required
  • Five-minute temperature sampling rate
  • WiFi locates within 100M+ cellular triangulation within 2KM

Sustainability without hassle

“We like that the device is single-use, especially with the places we ship to, so we’re not trying to manage an inventory pool or worrying about trying to get devices back to our distribution centers.”

Brent O’Donnell
Cold Chain Lead at Direct Relief


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Together, we can build an end-to-end supply chain visibility ecosystem to protect your products and your bottom line. Discover how our solutions transform your global supply chain data to enhance global logistics performance.

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