SensiGuard® Recovery

Responding rapidly to help prevent cargo theft

For customers monitoring their own shipments, SensiGuard® Recovery provides rapid, expert response when a cargo shipment is suspected to be lost or stolen. Leveraging advanced tracking technology and robust security protocols, our Global Command & Control Centers can zero-in on the location of a truck or trailer as soon as they are notified, enabling a rapid response to help prevent a costly cargo loss.

SensiGuard Recovery provides:

  • Real-time global visibility of precise cargo location using embedded devices and our web-based SensiGuard Tracks application.
  • Optional alerts for noncompliant events, such as route deviations in high-risk areas.
  • Rapid response to suspected theft incidents by our Emergency Response Team, engaging with local law enforcement to coordinate a quick response and recover the shipment.
  • Comprehensive reporting of all events and continuous reviews to ensure your recovery program meets your evolving needs.
  • Access to actionable intelligence via our online Intelligence Center, which tracks cargo theft trends around the world.