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Cold Chain Solutions & Monitoring Devices

Protect product integrity with real time visibility

Safeguard product quality by monitoring them in-transit—from source to consumer or patient. Bridge visibility gaps across your supply chain to reduce product loss, improve on-time shipments and reduce quality investigations. Ensure pharmaceutical product integrity with solutions designed to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Rely on Sensitech for a family of IoT supply chain monitoring devices, including real-time or product-level dataloggers, to suit your needs.

Ensure quality with end-to-end visibility
Monitor product quality at every step in the journey with real-time visibility. Learn more about our SensiWatch® Platform.
Manage risk and protect brands through quality assurance
Drive compliance throughout the supply chain
Reduce costs through automation
Collaborate with supply chain partners to drive improvements
Ensure compliance and mitigate risk in transit

For life sciences, protect end-to-end, product release decision-making with ColdStream® Select. Real-time monitoring and advanced automation help speed product release decisions, provide full traceability and increase cGXP compliance.

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Cold chain expertise, at your service

Identify supply chain weaknesses and variability in cold chain processes and isolate problems before they occur with our deep Professional Services expertise. Reduce costs, uncover root causes and identify how to improve supply chain processes, quality and compliance.

Learn more about Professional Services for Food

Learn more about Professional Services for Life Sciences
Protect temperature-sensitive products in storage

Digitize temperature and condition monitoring of facilities and equipment with ColdStream® Site. Drive visibility with real-time alerting, while meeting global regulatory, cGDP and 21 CFR documentation requirements.

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