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Thought leadership articles from Sensitech's experts

10 Steps to Effective Vaccine Storage
Vaccine storage is in high demand. Cold chains have had to adapt with scaling storage to support new temperature guidelines. Sensitech has streamlined best practices for vaccine storage into 10 easy steps, including the support of our ColdStream Site solution - a vaccine-ready, stationary temperature monitoring solution.
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Reducing In-Transit Perishable Product Risk Through Effective Temperature Monitoring
When it comes to your in-transit perishables, we know risks are around every corner. There are too many factors when it comes to maintaining a high-quality and fresh product within your supply chain. That’s why temperature monitoring is so important, and why we’ve made it a top priority.
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What are Late Deliveries Costing Me?
The consequences for late deliveries are numerous and expensive. From poor customer service, lost revenue, material shortages, to a damaged brand reputation, the list goes on. But the advantages of IoT sensor-based solutions are just as numerous.
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Using IoT Data to Improve Quality in the Food Chain
When you have limited access to performance data, it’s hard to know which way to move forward in order to make progress. Without robust data, you can’t identify inefficiencies, discover opportunities for change, or even find your blind spots. Collecting real-time data enables analysis of your cold chain and the ability to optimize your logistics.
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Biologic Medications and the Specialty Pharmacy
The pharmaceutical drug market is changing rapidly due to evolving patient needs and innovations in research, product development and technology from manufacturers. To achieve better patient outcomes from complex diseases, many manufacturers are producing a wide array of biologic pharmaceuticals, or specialty medications, that treat everything from autoimmunity, dermatitis and hemophilia, to cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Sensitech Inc. has created this practical reference guide to ensure product efficacy and patient safety through proper cold chain management.
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Digital Transformation of the Cold Chain: Introducing Interoperability While Protecting Life Sciences Product-Release Data
The Life Sciences cold chain is a seamless and interconnected global network of people, equipment, data and processes that helps to ensure the safety and integrity of our medicines and vaccines. As part of a comprehensive, global initiative, Sensitech is working with customers to ensure that their digital transformation efforts drive business process excellence while safeguarding cold chain best practices.
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Intelligent, Connected and Sustainable: Defining the Smart Cold Chain
The world produces enough food to feed 10 billion people—more than the current global population—yet nearly 800 million people are chronically undernourished. One proven solution to delivering nutritious food and enhancing food security is investment in the modern cold chain. By adding and integrating new sensors and robotics, automation, telematics, new data flows and analytics, the modern cold chain is evolving into the “smart cold chain.”
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The Changing Environment for Monitoring the “Last Mile” of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
As technologies change, successful companies adopt and adapt. So it is with the technology of the cold chain. For decades, Sensitech has carefully evaluated the performance and use of chemical indicators, and this white paper will provide specific examples of several key industry trends that support Sensitech’s position on the use of chemical indicators in the life sciences segment.
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Good Cold Chain Management Practices for Controlled Room Temperature Shipments
The pharmaceutical industry, currently under increasing global regulatory scrutiny, is expanding GCCMP for standard Cold Chain Products to include the storage and transport of CRT products. This article will provide advice and methodology regarding how to best approach CRT shipments.
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Ensuring Cold Chain Remains Cold and Controlled Room Temperature Remains Controlled
World Courier Ground Europe has worked in collaboration with Sensitech to fulfill qualification testing for frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature conditions at extreme cold and hot ambient temperatures.
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