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Food Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Protect food freshness with end-to-end visibility

Ensure product quality and integrity from source to store, and optimize workflow integration, powered by data insights. We combine deep food industry expertise and proven cold chain solutions with next-generation IoT technology to digitally transform your supply chain.

End-to-End Visibility

See how we help Houweling's get their tomatoes from the field to your shopping cart


Manage supply chain risk

Reduce product loss and mitigate risk factors before they impact delivery.

Reduce food waste costs, raise efficiency

Minimize labor costs and product waste. Eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Maintain food quality and compliance

Ensure quality and compliance standards are met across your end-to-end supply chain.

Improve collaboration across the food supply chain

Work seamlessly with suppliers and carriers to address issues proactively.

Embrace a more sustainable supply chain

Reduce food waste and your environmental impact through our sustainable food supply chain solutions.
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Monitor your supply chain in motion with our SensiWatch® Platform.

Explore SensiWatch Platform

Keep an eye on food products in storage

Ensure food quality and safety in real time while it’s in storage at the distribution center or in the walk-in. Our ColdStream® Site solution makes it easy.

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Real-time temperature and location insight

Monitor the condition and location of your products in real time with the TempTale® GEO suite of monitors. Choose the solution that meets your needs, including validated monitors.

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Food cold chain expertise at your service

Put Sensitech’s decades of cold chain monitoring experience to work for you. Our Professional Services Team harnesses real-time and historic temperature and location monitoring data to drive continuous improvement.

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We have you covered
We address the real-world needs of businesses across the food industry spectrum:
Food Service
Convenience Stores
Food Manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions about the Food Supply Chain

Food supply chain involves the process of shipping food and associated raw materials from the farm to the store shelves. Supply chain managers must monitor temperature, document the process, and handle the shipping to ensure that goods are received to the right people.

Food supply chain faces a number of challenges including temperature monitoring and compliance. Additionally, many industries have been impacted by a smaller workforce and inflation, which has required companies to do more with less.

According to McKinsey, the pandemic played a large role in these supply chain disruptions. During lockdown, budgets were shifted from restaurants to more groceries. As a result, food distribution channels were disrupted, leaving canceled orders and food that had no place to be delivered.

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