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Maintaining product quality and integrity throughout the global supply chain

Maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive food products throughout their journey is essential to preserving their value and consumer appeal. That requires a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to cold chain and supply chain management—an approach that combines data and technology with expertise and experience.

Sensitech® has a comprehensive array of solutions that address the critical needs of food producers at every step in their global supply chains:

Managing the global cold chain

Introducing the TempTale® GEO Eagle datalogger: a cost-effective, real-time, temperature monitor that transmits time, temperature, and location data back to the shipper. Easy to integrate into any shipment protocol; simply initiate a shipment, start the monitor, position it inside the load, and forget it—actionable data is automatically transmitted to email or text messaging, or just a serial number entry away. Click here to learn more!

We help ensure food temperature requirements are maintained without interruption. Our ColdStream® solutions help optimize every stage of the cold chain—from packaging through transportation to the consumer.

Learn more about ColdStream solutions

Preventing theft

Theft of food products is on the rise around the world, negatively impacting profits for producers and retailers alike. Our SensiGuard™ solutions help to mitigate the risk, providing a verified chain of custody from a product’s origin to its final destination.

Learn more about SensiGuard solutions

Optimizing the supply chain

When food products are delayed in transit, quality can suffer. Our SensiWatch™ solutions provide the visibility and insight to identify and address logistics performance problems before they impact your bottom line.

Learn more about SensiWatch solutions
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