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Lynx Logix

Help predict, prevent, and resolve distribution issues with the power of AI & ML


Reduce your supply chain risk and protect your brand reputation

The Lynx Logix™ digital solution revolutionizes supply chain management with the power of AI and machine learning. It empowers logistics managers to make data-driven decisions to optimize supply chain performance by helping to prevent and mitigate disruptions, resolve shipping risks and disruptions throughout shipping lanes, and helps to predict and quantify risk.

Lynx Logix logo above illustration of truck exiting a maze on a light blue background

Proactive risk management

Lynx Logix provides the tools to proactively predict, help prevent, and resolve risks in your distribution network. Identify potential issues before they become major disruptions. Track lane performance metrics and other critical data to reveal root causes of disruptions, enabling logistics teams to take targeted corrective actions.

Data-driven decision-making

Leveraging internal and external data sources, Lynx Logix puts the power of data-driven decision-making in your hands. It automatically maps shipping lanes to predict risks for each trade lane, contributing to supply chain resilience. Use data-driven scenario planning to optimize supply chain efficiency.

Efficiency redefined

Optimize your supply chain like never before using data-driven scenario planning. Reduce lead times with access to analytics, route and inventory optimization. Lynx Logix provides the AI-enabled insight needed to minimize overall labor costs while maximizing productivity.

Experience the future of supply chain management today with Lynx Logix.

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