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A faster route to end-to-end supply chain visibility

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A smarter way to predict, help prevent and resolve supply chain risks and disruptions

Get the insights you need to be proactive with Lynx Logix™ – an advanced, IoT-enabled solution powered by AI and machine-learning that can help you make data-driven decisions to mitigate disruptions and optimize supply chain performance.

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Accelerate digital transformation of your global supply chain

Our SensiWatch® Platform combines real-time IoT sensor data with advanced analytics to provide end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence. Improve supply chain performance and drive continuous improvement.

Sensitech offers a comprehensive set of visibility solutions for tracking and monitoring temperature-sensitive products.


Cold Chain

Ensuring quality and integrity for food, industrial and pharmaceutical products.

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Logistics Performance

Optimizing on-time performance and enabling you to proactively address issues to ensure quality.

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Visibility solutions tailored to your real-world needs

Sensitech has unmatched supply chain expertise in key industries.

Retain food quality, manage supply chain risks and reduce costs.
Life Sciences
Ensure product efficacy, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.
Consumer & Industrial
Protect time- and temperature-sensitive materials and optimize logistics performance.
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