How Does a Warehouse Temperature Monitoring System Work?

A warehouse temperature monitoring system ensures that temperature and humidity of a storage facility falls in a specified range. Products, such as produce and medication, need to maintain a specific temperature range to ensure efficacy and safety.

Automate Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Warehouses and Storage Facilities with Sensitech

Our easily deployed ColdStream® Site Service provides flexible, wireless temperature and humidity monitoring in controlled environments, such as warehouses. Eliminate manual processes while ensuring compliance with Good Distribution Practices (cGDP). View real-time and historical data, access via a standard browser, and receive real-time alerts.

  • Flexible, wireless sensor network that supports both large and small environments
  • Secure data management keeps your records safe
  • Real-time alarming and alerting for compliance and product quality assurance
  • Components include Network Controller and different sensors including: Temperature, Humidity, Cryogenic, and Door Ajar