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About Us

One partner for global quality and compliance, security, and logistics performance visibility

Sensitech® is a world leader in supply chain visibility. Our innovative monitoring products and services help to maintain the quality, integrity and security of our customers' valuable products at every step in their journey, all around the world. For more than 25 years, leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer goods, and other industries have relied on Sensitech to help protect their products—and their bottom lines. 

Sensitech is uniquely qualified to be your supply chain visibility partner, offering: 

Unparalleled innovation

Since our beginnings, Sensitech has led the industry in technology innovation. Our expansive range of time, temperature, environmental, and location monitors combine advanced capabilities with proven performance under the harshest, real-world conditions. Our innovative software enables you to analyze monitoring data to drive continuous improvement, optimizing efficiency and profitability.

Industry-specific expertise

We understand the unique needs of the industries we serve. Our cold chain and supply chain experts can help evaluate customer processes to identify potential areas of improvement, and provide actionable improvement strategies.

Consistent quality

Our strict adherence to globally recognized standards, including ISO 9001:2015, enables us to serve industries where quality is paramount, including the food and pharmaceutical industries. We apply this same rigorous quality commitment to every customer we serve. Learn more about our Quality Certifications.

Global reach

Sensitech provides customers around the world with global visibility of their products in transit and storage. Our Global Command & Control Centers provide expert, real-time monitoring to ensure the security of precious cargo across the global supply chain—on land, at sea and in the air. 

In addition to these advantages, Sensitech offers a commitment to customer success that is unmatched. No matter what the challenge, our quality, security and logistics experts can help your organization achieve its goals supply chain efficiency and business growth. 

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Sensitech monitors almost 15 million shipments annually, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe over 600,000 times each year.