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Meeting the supply chain needs of key industries

At Sensitech®, we understand that every industry has specialized requirements for monitoring and managing cargo quality and security, and assuring supply chain efficiency. Our team’s deep industry expertise enables us to deliver services and products that meet the unique needs of industries with specialized supply chain requirements, including temperature-sensitive products and high-demand products at heightened risk of theft.

Learn more about Sensitech's tailored services and solutions for the following industries:


Managing the cold chain is the first step toward higher quality food, increased customer satisfaction and reduced temperature-related shrink.

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Life Sciences

Specifically engineered for the Life Sciences market, Sensitech products and services help ensure product quality, patient safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance throughout the cold chain.

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Consumer & Industrial Goods

For industrial chemical and manufacturing companies, our products and services help protect Time and Temperature Sensitive (TATS) materials from transit and storage temperature abuse throughout the supply chain.

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