Animal health products include medicines, vaccines, hormone therapy, pet supplies, nutritional supplements, and other veterinary supplies. Distributing temperature-sensitive medicines and medical devices for veterinary use requires strict temperature monitoring. Sensitech offers a range of easy-to-use solutions that meet compliance standards for safety and efficacy of these products during storage and transportation.

Veterinarians examining dog, syringe in blue vaccine vials, lamb inside livestock pen

Meet regulations with ease

Veterinary medicinal products are subject to regulations to ensure their quality is maintained during all aspects of the distribution process

When a product is in-transit, temperature conditions must be maintained within the defined limits as described by the manufacturer and should be monitored.

When a product is stored, it should be protected from the harmful effects of temperature, light, moisture, and other external factors.

Sensitech offers thermal mapping services and compliant temperature monitoring solutions to help you maintain efficacy and meet veterinary medicinal product distribution regulations such as EU 2021/1248.