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Clinical Trials

Bluetooth temperature monitoring, designed for clinical trials

Be confident your temperature-sensitive clinical trial kits are stored, shipped and received at their ideal temperature or easily identify if temperatures have exceeded alarm limits. Touchless temperature checks are now available in an easy-to-use format that meets compliance standards for helping to assure patient safety.

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Regulatory compliant for data integrity and traceability
Proof of Condition at Delivery
Wireless temperature check without opening package
Seamless Monitor Data Download
Easy for Drivers and Receivers
Patient Confidence
Clear evidence if Clinical Kit Alarmed or OK to use
TempTale Ultra BLE monitor with temperature displayed

In-transit monitoring solution

TempTale® Ultra BLE, the next generation temperature monitor in the TempTale Ultra family, is the ideal solution for clinical trial shipments

Utilizing Bluetooth® technology, clinical trial sponsors, carriers and clinicians can be confident that temperature-sensitive clinical kits are maintained throughout their journey. Temperature sampling is easy with touchless data transfer that can be read without opening the box.

Fitting smaller packages with thinner dimensions, the TempTale Ultra BLE is ideal for clinical kits and last mile direct to patient, pharmacies, and hospital shipments.

TempTale Ultra BLE Walkthrough

Wireless TempTale Mobile App Temperature Reading

Sensitech’s intuitive mobile app provides delivery drivers proof of condition at destination without opening the package.

Detailed product condition data can be viewed at any point in the journey. At the end of the trip, validated temperature data can easily be uploaded to the ColdStream Select system of record, or downloaded to be shared as a secure PDF or TTV file.

The device also works without the app, with an LCD screen for immediate alarm status and a secondary USB for data download.

Temperature Sensitive Workflow

What's the difference with Bluetooth?


Stationary monitoring of your clinical depot

ColdStream Site provides validated, real-time stationary monitoring, built for pharmaceutical storage

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