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ColdStream® Food Services

Improving cold chain performance with expert analysis

Sensitech® combines strong food industry expertise and cold chain best practices with state-of-the-art monitoring technology and analytics to help food producers, shippers and buyers ensure the quality and freshness of their food products worldwide. Our food services team has extensive experience in all segments of the supply chain—from field or plant to retail supermarket and restaurant. They provide the expertise and insight needed to drive process improvements that can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Our services for the Food industry include:

Cold Chain Visibility Services

Our expert team can help identify weaknesses in your cold chain, determine root causes and make recommendations for improvements. They can help you focus resources where they will have the greatest impact, driving continuous improvement of your cold chain processes.

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ColdStream® Inbound Real-Time

This innovative program provides full cold chain visibility—including both temperature and location—in real time. Know exactly where and when issues occur so you can take corrective action in time to protect your valuable commodity.

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Cold Chain Logistical Services

Cold chain management can be challenging when dealing with the complex supply chains associated with export shipments. Our Cold Chain Logistical Services combine electronic monitoring, data management, analysis, and reporting to give you the information needed to more effectively and efficiently manage your cold chain worldwide.

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ColdStream® Site Service

Automate temperature monitoring and documentation of storage facilities and equipment. Our easily deployed ColdStream® Site Service provides flexible, wireless temperature sensing of refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms with automated record-keeping and reporting. Eliminate manual processes while ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

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