Protect the value, integrity and efficacy of medicinal products by providing full traceability and improving your cold chain performance. Sensitech has 30+ years of experience monitoring, storing and making performance improvement recommendations for global life sciences supply chains—from clinical trials to commercial biologics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Validated system-of-record

Built for complex, global supply chains, ColdStream® Select is an end-to-end, cloud-based risk mitigation solution enhanced by Sensitech’s deep professional service expertise. Protect supply chain data and streamline in-transit product release decisions with full traceability for temperature-sensitive life sciences shipments.

  • Improve audit readiness with electronic record keeping and system-of-record built to comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11, EC Annex 11, and cGxP.
  • Reduce risk and safeguard data with a secure private-cloud solution with full redundancy.
  • Automate quality workflows and reduce costs for low-risk, repetitive decisions.
  • Optimize supply chain performance and operations with new data visualization and analytic insights.
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Monitor products in storage

Drive visibility and automate temperature monitoring and documentation of storage facilities and equipment with our ColdStream® Site service. Increase efficiency by eliminating manual processes and ensure cGxP compliance.

  • Increase visibility with wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity, cryogenic, and door ajar in both large and small installations.
  • Ensure product quality and compliance with real-time alerts.
  • Safeguard records with secure and redundant data management.
  • Make informed decisions with real-time dashboard and reports.
  • Remove the burden of annual calibration, hardware and software upgrades, and data management through a comprehensive service model.
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