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Life Sciences Business Solutions

Solving life sciences supply chain challenges with tailored workflows

Sensitech has solutions to help ensure product quality and on-time delivery for life science organizations of all types. Our solutions enable:


Clinical trials teams and contract research organizations (CROs) to mitigate the risk of delays, lost shipments or temperature excursions of clinical trial materials to regional depots and study locations.


Specialty pharma to ensure high-value shipments are maintained at the proper temperature at every step, while meeting USP 659 requirements for distribution, handling and storage.


Animal health products to meet compliance standards for safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive medicines and medical devices during storage and transportation.


Medical device manufacturers and suppliers to monitor in-transit and storage shelf life of temperature-sensitive medical devices.


In vitro diagnostics manufacturers and suppliers to mitigate the risk of inaccurate test results due to improper shipping or storage of temperature-sensitive diagnostic supplies, while meeting new in vitro diagnostic regulatory requirements for distribution, handling and storage.


Pharma distributors to verify the proper temperature is maintained for sensitive pharmaceutical products in transit and in storage, in accordance with customer requirements.

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"TagAlert® was incorporated into our vaccine/ perishable distribution process with the aim of ensuring product quality during transport, as well as providing the customer with the certainty that when temperature excursions are allowed, the product quality and not even patient safety would be impacted."

Luciana Salerno

Quality System Analyst

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