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Life Sciences

For manufacturers of biologics, prescription pharmaceuticals, clinical trial materials, over-the-counter drugs, and other life science products, product integrity and safety are absolutely essential. Ensuring supply chain transparency is crucial for protecting consumers—and for protecting the manufacturer’s valuable brand integrity.

Sensitech® has a comprehensive array of solutions that address the critical needs of life sciences companies at every step in their global supply chains:

Managing the cold chain and assuring compliance

We help ensure temperature requirements are maintained without interruption. Our ColdStream® solutions track temperature-sensitive life science products through all stages of the cold chain—from packaging and transportation to the warehouse and on to the consumer.

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Preventing theft

Theft of pharmaceutical products is a large and growing problem around the world. If that theft forces a manufacturer to recall products, the cost could be many times the value of the stolen products. Our SensiGuard™ solutions help to mitigate the risk, providing a verified chain of custody from a product's origin to its final destination.

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Optimizing the supply chain

Is the product shipment on time or delayed? Where is it now? We help answer these critical questions with our SensiWatch™ solutions, providing the insight needed to address potential logistics performance problems before they impact your bottom line. Now introducing the Sentry 500 air cargo tracker, a premium performance, multi-sensor, air-safe monitoring device ideal for mission-critical and high-value shipments, tracking clinical trial materials, bulk API shipments, as well as, time critical and high value biologic and medical device shipments.

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